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Par 4 / 367 Yards / SI 9/5 *(8/7)

Par 4 / 367 Yards
SI 9/5 *(8/7)

A dog leg left, your drive needs to be up the right side with a slight draw back into the fairway. Avoid the trees on the left – and the 1st fairway. Also watch out for golfers teeing off on the 2nd as they will cross over the 9th.  A good drive is rewarded by a second into the green in front of the Clubhouse. The green is again elevated away from the fairway and putts downhill from the back of the green are lightning fast. Try to remain below the pin.


...accuracy is the key.

by Marie Martindale (HGC Professional since 2017)

“This is the hole that I spend the most time observing because I’m often in the teaching bays next to the Pro Shop watching players take their seconds (or thirds!) to the green. One thing that long-time members know is that you can land a long-ish iron approach shot a little short and the ball will release up the hill to the pin – you don’t have to go direct to the pin with a short iron to get close. Plus, those two bunkers that sit at the front are classic Hampstead – they’re almost everywhere on the course and it shows that accuracy is the key to playing the whole course. Also, if you can draw the ball off the tee, you’re happy because this is not a hole for the slice – if you tend to hit it right, then maybe be shorter (3-wood or rescue club, not driver) and miss the trees. A shot from the rough is better than no shot at all!”


Pro Tip


Favour the right side of the fairway unless you can power your drive far over the large trees down the left-hand side. The green is guarded by front corner bunkers, but its back-to-front slope is the steepest on the course – stay below the hole for the easier putt.

367 yds

325 yds

All distances are measured to the centre of the green.
For 2nd 9 Stroke Index see *(SI in brackets)