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Par 4 / 336 Yards / SI 11/12 *(12/10)

Par 4 / 336 Yards
SI 11/12 *(12/10)

A relatively straight forward, attractive hole that you can score on. Dependent upon the various tee positions, your drive will need to flirt with danger in seeking the fairway down below. Trees edge the fairway on both sides, but the left is more to be avoided as there is room out on the right. Approach to the green is through a narrow entrance marked by flat bunkers on both sides. The green runs away quickly.


Love the view of North London!

by Adam Khalifa (member since 2015)

“Who doesn’t love the view from the 4th tee? It makes for a great hole visually – you catch yourself sometimes staring at a view of North London you can’t get from anywhere else. It’s short-ish in length because of the elevated tee and a real birdie opportunity either with a 6-iron drive and a wedge second shot or hitting a 3-wood that can put you very close to the green. But the lone fairway bunker on the right can be a bit of a magnet for some people and the forest of trees on the left is dangerous too. Long before I joined, I’m told there was internal out-of-bounds rather than those trees – but I’m glad they’re there…better than OB!”


Pro Tip


Take notice of the flag placement before hitting the tee shot, it will dictate the direction of your drive, but note there is always more room on the right side. A precise approach must miss the two front bunkers.

336 yds

322 yds

All distances are measured to the centre of the green.
For 2nd 9 Stroke Index see *(SI in brackets)