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Par 4 / 458 Yards / SI 4/4 *(2/2)

Par 4 / 458 Yards
SI 4/4 *(2/2)

A very long, straight  Par 4 up hill initially and usually directly into the prevailing westerly winds. Avoid driving to the right as you will be caught in trees. Watch out for golfers teeing off on the 9th as they will cross over the 2nd. Only the best long hitters can get on in two. A large, fast green running away from the fairway will sweep your ball off to the end unless you can pitch before the green itself.


For a lucky day.

by Tony Sheaff (HGC Professional since 1991)

“The 2nd is a favourite because I birdied it first time around when I shot a 63 for the course record. My approach kicked off the right-hand bank that day stopping 2ft from the pin – so you often need a bit of luck on this hole. It’s probably the toughest in many ways. The top of the hill is a great place to land a drive because you have a flat stance for the approach, then it’s a question of what to hit to a green that’s designed for a wedge not a mid-iron. Big hitters will drive closer, but do you want a downhill lie to a green that runs so sharply back-to-front? Classic Hampstead risk-or-reward.”


Pro Tip


To avoid trees and bunkers down the right, aim the drive towards the top of the hill on the left, leaving a mid-iron to a green which runs fast back-to-front often requiring the approach shot to land short and run on. 

458 yds

409 yds

All distances are measured to the centre of the green.
For 2nd 9 Stroke Index see *(SI in brackets)