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Par 4 / 278 Yards / SI 15/15 *(17/17)

Par 4 / 278 Yards
SI 15/15 *(17/17)

A deceptively easy Par 4, but the tee aligns with Winnington Road and any drives off centre to the right are swallowed by the bounce into bushes and trees. You need to be over to the left handside off the fairway and pitch in. Beware a flat green after a downhill slope might take your ball off the back of the green into an awaiting, deep bunker.


Good for the soul!

by Martin Nicholls (member since 1982)

“The 1st looks so easy. It’s a par 4 and you can see the pin from the tee, so a reasonably good golfer can drive the green and there’ve been a number of holes in one there. But don’t be lulled into a false sense of security – Winnington Road looms large for the wild, right-hander’s fade; the fairway bunker may trap the ball on the other side of the fairway; and the steep slope at the front of the green might cause the ball to run through to the deep bunker at the rear – find yourself on a steep sandy gradient and coming out sideways is your only hope. On the first occasion that I ever played in a medal competition, I was five off the tee, then into the trees on the right and wrote 11 on my scorecard. Hampstead’s 1st proves that golf is a thinking man’s game and that humility arising from arrogant stupidity is very good for the soul!”


Pro Tip


Two possible strategies – a wood aimed at the driveable green or an iron over the grassy knolls and a pitching wedge approach. Beware the bank at the front of the green that can send the ball into the deep back bunker.

278 yds

271 yds

All distances are measured to the centre of the green.
For 2nd 9 Stroke Index see *(SI in brackets)