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Par 4/5 / 463 Yards / SI 5/9 *(6/11)

Par 4/5 / 463 Yards
SI 5/9 *(6/11)

A very long par 4 from the back tees (Par 5 on the furthest back tee), and a sharp 90 degree dogleg right. A good drive takes you to the apex of the corner, but without a fade to the right, and avoiding the trees down the right side, your second is unlikely to reach the green. The green is slightly elevated and uphill from its front so your approach should be from below the pin.


Don’t get greedy.

by Naveen Sharma (member since 2015)

“Until you’ve played the 6th you’re never comfortable about a good round. With the big oak tree so close to the tee on the right and trouble on the dogleg waiting for the sliced drive, it takes a proper player to find the best position on the fairway. I think most members choose shorter and safer off the tee and then a long second shot – better to chip onto the green for your third with one putt for a par than risk a tee shot into the rough either on the right or the left. This hole really needs all your focus and just don’t get greedy, that’s my advice.”


Pro Tip


A drive towards the apex of the corner with a little fade for the right-hander is ideal, but probably still leaves at least a mid-iron for the second to a green that is often difficult to hit and perhaps the toughest to read.

463 yds

442 yds

All distances are measured to the centre of the green.
For 2nd 9 Stroke Index see *(SI in brackets)