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Par 3 / 164 Yards / SI 13/13 *(14/14)

Par 3 / 164 Yards
SI 13/13 *(14/14)

A mid length par 3, downhill and across the ditch that fronts the green. The green is slightly elevated away from you so putts downhill from the back of the green can run fast.


“You holed it...”

by Barry Stancombe (member since 1993)

“At HGC, if you are ever lucky enough to get a hole-in-one, you want it to be on the 8th where you can normally see your tee shot from first hit to last roll. In 2004, as Club Captain, I remember playing the October Medal in typical October weather – leaden skies, wind and rain. As a 14-handicap, fair weather golfer, I’d been battling all afternoon when I took out my 6 iron on the 8th. On my downswing, a huge gust of wind blew and I saw my ball start to fall off the tee! Swing completed and with relief at having made contact with the ball at all, I looked towards the green, but it was dank and grey and there were raindrops on my specs so I couldn’t really see very much. Then I heard my playing partners shout: “You holed it”. Just like my only other hole-in-one on HGC’s 3rd, I saw absolutely nothing.”


Pro Tip


An accurate iron from the tee will take the ditch out of play and miss three lurking bunkers. The wind may well be a huge factor in club selection and the breaks on this green can be very subtle.

164 yds

135 yds

All distances are measured to the centre of the green.
For 2nd 9 Stroke Index see *(SI in brackets)