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Par 3 / 106 Yards / Avg. score tbc

A picturesque par 3 only one hundred yards long, but uphill and surrounded by bunkers. Don’t be distracted by the view, but aim to pitch directly on top of the green. Anything too long will disappear off the back and down the hill.

My favourite hole!

by Debbie Howes (Member since 1989)

“My favourite hole? That’s easy – the first time I played Hampstead and walked up to the 3rd green I thought the view was fabulous, breath-taking even. You can see over half of London, a mix of greenery and distant buildings and landmarks. Right then I knew this was the club for me and I never tire of the view. Plus, I love the new green as well. It makes the walk up the hill even better.”


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106 yds

95 yds

All distances are measured to the centre of the green.