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Par 4 / 400 Yards / Avg. score 4.45

The first hole is a difficult, long par 3, ranging from 140 to 220 yards. This hole requires a solid long iron or even a fairway wood for most players.  Wind can also wreak havoc on shots that aren’t particularly well struck. The large green can be a tough two putt unless you hit your drive close. Be very happy if you manage a par 3 on this one!

My favourite hole...

by Debbie Howes (member since 1989)

My favourite hole? That’s easy – the first time I played Hampstead and walked up to the 3rd green I thought the view was fabulous, breath-taking even. You can see over half of London, a mix of greenery and distant buildings and landmarks. Right then I knew this was the club for me and I never tire of the view. Plus, I love the new green as well. It makes the walk up the hill even better.

Hole 1 Layout

267 yds

236 yds

204 yds

All distances are measured to the centre of the green.