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The Ladies’ Section at Hampstead is a bit special. There’s a happy spirit around the place. We know there is something quite rare going on here — an interesting group of people, fun to talk to, keen on their golf but not too much so, and really friendly.

One of our big plus points is that we can make players across the range feel at home, because we have a good spread of handicaps. There is no lady in single figures, but several strong enough to play in the Middlesex singles or scratch competitions. To balance that, there are also ladies in the 30 handicap group, who can play a decent game, and hit a sweet ball much of the time, but never quite get their handicap down. So new members coming in, at any level of proficiency, can feel there’s a place for them.

Being a nine-hole golf course also has its advantages. It can be a bit of a relief, if you’ve had a disappointing time on the first nine, to make a fresh start the second time around. You actually can begin again. And of course nine holes is perfect for busy people. Just the thing for a summer evening after work, or a short workout to keep the fitness going.

We’re a small club — which means tee times are fairly informal. No need to book in advance. Normally you just turn up and play. You soon get to know, or can easily check, when the course will be a bit busy or unavailable because of competitions. And this flexibility means you can decide on the day what time you want to play, once you know what the weather is doing. So the rain doesn’t ruin your game.

It’s noticeable how well we all mix. Friends obviously like to play together. But even so, ladies don’t play with the same people all the time. There are not so many of us that we form little groups, as can be the case with large memberships. We’re just one group. We bring out our diaries on our special competition days, see who we haven’t got a date with yet, and fill the gaps. It’s very inclusive.

For new members, of course, who to play with can be a real worry. Not only who wants to play with you, but also who do you feel comfortable playing with? The first days are bound to be tricky. You’re in the club, but not one of the gang yet. We know all about this issue. So we smooth the path. You’ll be under someone’s wing. And if you’re not yet comfortable with your golf, we’ll arrange some kindly people to play with. To settle any nerves.

Friendship is one reason ladies love Hampstead. There’s not only companionable golf, but other get-togethers. Bridge and golf go together really well, and at the club you can play very informally, or rather competitively (we are current holders of the Gerber Cup). For other interests, we have special DVD evenings. Film Night with supper first and choc ices at half time. Opera Night with a two course dinner in the long interval. Or there might be a Wine Tasting or Gourmet Evening.

One of the great things about Hampstead is the course itself. It’s a beauty — not just the landscape and the planting. More important, it is set just right for you to improve your golf. It’s not a course that humiliates you. You don’t have to stand on the tee and think “well, what do I do here?” It’s supremely playable. But it’s not a pushover.

In other words, it’s not too long — tempting you to go for distance at the expense of direction. In hitting a golf ball, “long” is good and “straight” is good. But if you can have only one of those, “straight” is better than “long”. You stay out of trouble, and give yourself easier shots. Hampstead encourages that kind of play. It trains you in the virtues, rewarding accurate play. You can feel happy on the course as a beginner, yet it’s tough enough to keep the scratch golfer interested.

Maybe that’s why we became Middlesex champions last year in the Pearson competi-tion. Hampstead is a club with focused and effective coaching and not a few gritty and talented lady golfers. A club must put up a team of seven ladies for each Pearson match, and Hampstead has such strength in depth that we could draw on a pool of 17 to play in the knockout.

We’re a small club, and only nine holes, but shouldn’t be underestimated. So if you’re looking for a club that’s welcoming, friendly, lots of fun — and also the best in the county — come and see us. And if you want to try out the course, you could come to one of our special roll-ups for non-members — coffee first, nine holes, then lunch, all for the bargain price of £10. More details about everything from the office on 020 8455 0203.

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